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Copex 2013 2016
  • Contributor Nadine Mandran
2 years (2013-2016) of activity traces by students using the CopexChimie platform for learning experimental protocols in experimental sciences.
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Read me file : Copex 2013-2016
Nadine Mandran 12/02/2018

Abstract of « Scaffolding a Complex Task of Experimental Design in Chemistry with a Computer Environment » , Isabelle Girault & Cédric d’Ham, Journal of Science Education and Technology. August 2014, Volume 23, Issue 4, pp 514–526-

When solving a scientific problem through experimentation, students may have the responsibility to design the experiment. When students work in a conventional condition, with paper and pencil, the designed procedures stay at a very general level. There is a need for additional scaffolds to help the students perform this complex task. We propose a computer environment (copex-chimie) with embedded scaffolds in order to help students to design an experimental procedure. A pre-structuring of the procedure where the students have to choose the actions of their procedure among pre-defined actions and specify the parameters forces the students to face the complexity of the design. However, this is not sufficient for them to succeed; they look for some feedback to improve their procedure and finally abandon their task. In another condition, the students were provided with individualized feedbacks on the errors detected in their procedures by an artificial tutor. These feedbacks proved to be necessary to accompany the students throughout their experimental design without being discouraged. With this kind of scaffold, students worked longer and succeeded better to the task than all the other students. »

Dans la problématique de recherche donnée ci-dessus, une application Copex-Chimie a été développée pour supporter l’apprentissage des étudiants de premiŹre année de l’université de Grenoble. Cette application a fait l’objet de 2 expérimentations de grande échelle en 2013 et 2016. Lors de ces expérimentations, les actions des étudiants étaient recueillis. (ces actions sont décrites dans le fichiers actions.csv)
Afin d’analyser l’impact de cette application sur les étudiants, un protocole expérimental a été mis en place. Tous les étudiants ne disposaient pas de la mźme configuration de l’application.

L'archive contient :
copex2013.csv : fichier des traces d'actions des étudiants avec le logiciels codex chimie
copex_actions.csv : décrit le format des actions et de leurs paramŹtres
user_copex.csv : fishier qui décrit le profil et les résultats des étudiants
Plan expérimental copex : fichier qui contient le plan expérimental de l'étude

2018 03 09
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2018 03 09
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  • Subjects:

    Social Sciences, didactics
  • Keywords:

    student, traces, experimental science, elearning

Cedric d'Ham, Isabelle Girault, Nadine Mandran. Traces of students activities in Copex 2013-2016.[data set]. Published 2018 via Perscido-Grenoble-Alpes;

Cedric d'Ham, Isabelle Girault, Nadine Mandran. Traces of students activities in Copex 2013-2016.[data set]. Published 2018 via Perscido-Grenoble-Alpes